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i think pitbull just bursts into the studio when someones recording and shouts “mr worldwide” and shit in spanish then runs away

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true friends don’t judge each other

they judge other people


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This makes me laugh so hard every time.

This moment ruined that entire movie for me because it absolutely destroyed the image of dumbledore

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then Legolas goes to run through Rivendell naked

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  • Dumbledore: Welcome back to another year of Hogwarts!
  • Dumbledore: I actually don't know why your parents still send you here
  • Dumbledore: There's like a 30% chance you'll die tragically
  • Dumbledore: And it just goes up every year
  • Dumbledore: I guess that just means all your parents hate you
  • Dumbledore: Great let's have some pumpkin juice
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❝well fuck
~the next country in line to host the olympic games (via imaslytherinbitch)
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My bets for the Olympics:


Ireland will win, but Krum will catch the Snitch